Congratulations – Top 8 October 2021

Each month we acknowledge our Top 8 Posts for the month, as picked by our followers by hitting that heart on Instagram.

There are so many gorgeous goods to see!

In October we congratulate:

Carys Martin Ceramics Special! This is no ordinary coffee cup store. Everything is so unique with special embellishments. And, for those with everything, what about a lesson at the studio! The TWL are hoping to get there soon for a class.

Dog and Human A fave here at TWL! Even Mr TWL says its his preferred dog lead! Its important that the human look good while walking the dog in style. Quality, style, and function, these guys tick all the boxes.

Vanter Leather You really could tick off a lot of gifts at Vantler Leather. The personalised book marks, so thoughtful BUT those little cord organisers, HOW did I not know about these already?!

Paper and Clay So many beautiful things here and all personalised. We do love the personalised candles. A few TWL family may be receiving these at Christmas.

MJK Creations You know those stores that have the things you didn’t even know you needed? This is it! If you are stuck for ideas, this is a great store to visit.

Soy on the Hill We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, these candles are so thoughtful and lovely. The post code candles are our fave!

Us and Earth What a gorgeous business! Good for you, your loved ones and the earth. So many great tips on the page too. Your eco warriors will love a gift from here.

Ashley Hume – Artist We are in awe! Go check out Ashely’s page, we can’t tell what is a photo and what is her work, its that good! For any animal parent, a pet portrait would be so special!

Check them all out and stay tuned for our November Top 8 next month, and if you haven’t voted yet, get over to our Instagram page and get those hearts flowing, show the love!


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