Congratulations – Top 8 November 2021

Each month we acknowledge our Top 8 Posts for the month, as picked by our followers by hitting that heart on Instagram.

There are so many gorgeous goods to see!

In November we congratulate:

Beginning With V You know when you see something and thing, wow, I wish I thought of that?! That’s this store. I also never knew I needed pompom budgie garland, but I do!

My Order Cup They provide reusable coffee cups & water bottles for everyone. Stylishly personalised with a bit of pizazz. Tailored just for you & your coffee (tea or alcoholic beverage) order or motivational reminder! Go on, help reduce the 2.7 million takeaway cups that are disposed of daily in Australia daily!!

Dented Diva As seen on the Bachelor and Masterchef!! Go check out these sparkly gorgeous accessories!

Yellow Bird These bags are gorgeous! From fabric, to leather and cow hide, there is something for all budgets and styles. These would make a really special gift.

Carta and Things Thank you notes, note books, cards, pens, wrapping paper – Carta and Things has you covered and everything is beautiful! I need to stop looking at their site and finish this post, trust me, its not easy!

Stufft Toys CUTE!!! So CUTE!! You know the toys that look special and you know they weren’t made in China for $5, this is them, a lot of love has gone into these and we can see it. Check them out, Leo the Lion is my fave!

Hello Petal Cards As a hoarder of 40+ years of keeping gift cards and never looking at them and now wondering what I do with them all, this is genius! A card you read and love and then plant and grow. Kind of wish I thought of that!!

Paper and Clay Why not make a gift extra special with a personalised clay gift tag!

Check them all out and if you see anything you like, head to our directory for your exclusive shopper code. Stay tuned for our December Top 8 next month, and if you haven’t voted yet, get over to our Instagram page and get those hearts flowing, show the love!


  1. Love getting my exclusive shopper code from your website! The Directory is so easy to search for your fave business!