Why We LOVE Markets

Here at Two Wise Ladies, we love a good market!   I think there are two types of people, market lovers and haters (my husband falls in the later category, thank goodness TWL1 is my market date!).  Stick with me though, there are loads of good reasons to visit a market.

Markets are a fantastic way to discover new creative brands and meet the faces behind them. There are so many talented people out there making amazing things, but sometimes they don’t get airtime online and we simply don’t know they exist. 

The energy is amazing.  There is something about seeing a proud stall owner with their wears that I find inspiring.  They had a vision and they backed themselves and went for it.  That’s the kind of energy we love, way better than someone moaning about how they hate their job and wish they had followed their dreams.

Food!  A good market always has food and we love food!

We love browsing the stalls and seeing what grabs our attention.  Many a gift has been found at a market and popped away in the present cupboard ‘til it is needed.

Our next market date will be The Finders Keepers in Brisbane this weekend (15 – 17 October) Brisbane Showgrounds, Bowen Hills.

What is your favourite market?

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  1. Markets are the best! So many amazing artists, who make amazing & unique products. Can’t wait for Finders Keepers! My fave!