Congratulations Top 8 – August 2022

Each month we acknowledge our Top 8 Posts for the month, as picked by our followers by hitting that heart on Instagram.

There are so many gorgeous goods to see!

In August we congratulate:

By Lady Elissa  We can’t get enough of a liberty print!  From little ladies to more mature ladies, there is something for everyone here and all budgets!

Eeny-Meeny-Miny-Mo These leather goods look soft, colourful and luxurious!  I want that coin purse and now I see a sunglass case that I need..want!

Pebble and Poppet  It was the baby romper you loved and we do too!  Such beautiful gifts for babies here and people know its something a bit special, no mass produced things here!

Louie and the Fox You loved the dribble bib!  So cute and how handy!  A great gift for a baby, or an overseas gift – easy to post and plenty of Australian themed fabric!

Stufft Toys A repeat Top 8 seller!  Congratulations.  These toys are special and make beautiful gifts for young and old!

Beachside Creations VB You loved the beachy bead stacks!  Such a great gift between girl friends and little girls too.  When you 10 year old comes looking for present for her bestie, head to Beachside Creations VB!

Ikigai Creations  These zodiac pins are the cutest thing we ever did see!  What a great little gift idea, easy to post, a little “I’m thinking of you” or a super gift for a birthday too!

Em&Me The enamel earrings are next level.  Affordable, but look boujee!  I need those lemon earrings!

Check them all out and if you see anything you like, head to our directory for your exclusive shopper code. Stay tuned for our September Top 8 next month, and if you haven’t voted yet, get over to our Instagram page and get those hearts flowing, show the love!