Congratulations – Top 8 July 2022

Each month we acknowledge our Top 8 Posts for the month, as picked by our followers by hitting that heart on Instagram.

There are so many gorgeous goods to see!

In July we congratulate:

Tide Candles  Candles really do make the perfect gift for any occasion.  Tide offers refills too, we love that, nothing worse than an empty candle that you love!

Mix For Colour If you are looking for a gift for someone who loves colour – head to Mix For Colour and we promise, you’ll find them a gorgeous gift!

Pattie Murray  These gorgeous ceramics are made with love and a whole lot of talent.  Pattie’s work would make a gorgeous gift for so many occasions but especially something with an Australian vibe that isn’t a gaudy trinket from a tourist shop.

Turquoise Creative Plantable gift cards!  Genius!  The plantable confetti got us all excited this month!  Remember when eco paper was so U-G-L-Y?  You might be too young, but it was this horrible brown shade and cost 5 times the cost of bleached note paper.  How far have we come?  These cards are gorgeous and good for the environment.

Lee and May If you need a gift for someone active or someone who loves the outdoors, head here!  The beachtowels are light, so not too expensive to post and make great gifts for kids who have everything.

Pink Mint Candles!  We can’t get enough of them.  Check out Pink Mint, their simple design is bound to be a crowd pleaser.

Hello Petal Cards Bloomin’ Amazing! We love a business with purpose that can also make really pretty things!  Saving the planet one gift card at a time!

Madison Pollard There is a real eco theme this month!  Madison makes the most beautiful bees wax wraps.  Here’s a thought, what if you used the wrap to wrap a gift!?

Check them all out and if you see anything you like, head to our directory for your exclusive shopper code. Stay tuned for our August Top 8 next month, and if you haven’t voted yet, get over to our Instagram page and get those hearts flowing, show the love!

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