The Present Cupboard

The Present Cupboard has saved me many times over the years!  Saved me money and saved me running around last minute looking for a gift.   Whenever I am stressed about buying a gift at the last minute, the less thoughtful the gift seems to be.  Anything that takes that last minute stress away gets a big tick from me!

So, what is a present cupboard?   A cupboard full of gifts?  How good does that sound?!

Years ago, I actually thought everyone had a present cupboard when I casually mentioned “Oh, I’ll see what’s in my present cupboard” but it was met with a look of confusion and I then realised, not everyone plans and shops this way.

It will come as no surprise that both Two Wise Ladies have a present cupboard.  We don’t have so much space that its an entire cupboard, for me (TWL2) it’s a shelf in a linen cupboard and TWL1 has a dedicated drawer (sidenote, I hope she has something good in there for me).  TWL1 is also next level organised with a book with names, dates and what she has bought! For those of you who already so something similar, what do you do?

By setting aside a little space it means as we find things that would suit someone, or something is on sale we can buy it and put it aside.  When the time comes, perhaps a birthday or Christmas, the pressure is off because you have been putting things aside all year.     I think my greatest win doing this was having one Christmas sorted by October!  But even if you haven’t got it all sorted, it means that come Christmas you can pull out what you have already and narrow down what you still need to go and source.  Trust me, it takes the pressure off!

So next time you see something and think “oh, my friend would love that”, why not get it and pop it away in the present cupboard?  Future you will thank you when its your friend’s birthday and you have the gift all sorted!


  1. Love my “present drawer” – it’s a mighty big drawer & is starting to fill up with lots of unique gifts!

  2. I have a pressie cupboard that has saved me over the years that’s for sure! Kids parties, teachers presents and specials I see that I know my family would love. Everyone should have one 🎁

  3. It is a great idea and my friend has one. I think it’s time to start one because I am always caught short with no time to shop.

    Thanks for the reminder! I’m definitely going to start one 😁

  4. Such a great idea! I’m always a last minute shopper at Christmas so I should really start doing this. Especially now too because I have a child now and there’s always kids birthdays popping up. Good excuse to buy lots of wrapping paper and cards too hehe

    1. Yes! Have a present cupboard & a wrap & write cupboard! So easy, especially when you have kids parties now!