We have long followed many of you and love all things thou" />

Our site is open for Sellers!

We have long followed many of you and love all things thoughtful, sustainable, handmade, beautiful and special!
Imagine all the people who go shopping and don’t even know what it is they are looking for, that’s exactly the people we want to help introduce our sellers to! 

Until now we have relied heavily on Instagram (a platform we still love) and word of mouth to do our work matching our clients to wonderful talented sellers. In recent times we have found ourselves with a little extra time on our hands and we have been able to start some long overdue projects;  mainly our gift portal, where clients can answer some basic questions about who they are shopping for and we match them to amazing sellers!  If you are a seller with beautiful wears, we would love to include your goods as gift options.   

Our launch offer is exciting, we would love you to register your business and goods (at no cost!) on our portal.   At this stage we are building the gift portal with recommendations,  and very soon will go live for shoppers and begin to match them to the perfect gifts!

For more details and to register head to twowiseladies.com If you have any questions, be sure to drop us a line and if you love the details, keep reading below.

Lots of Love
The TWL,
How it all works (for the detail oriented)

1. Head over to our site and look for SELLER REGISTRATION, that is where you will create a profile.   From there you can View/Add and edit your listings.  

2. Add a general link to your store, or add individual products.  The more detailed you are by listing individual products, the more specific we can be in matching on our seller searches.  For example, if you sell candles and handbags rather than a link to your store, a listing for candles and a separate listing for handbags will create better results on searches for our shoppers, you can manage all of this under the one profile.

3. You will be asked to provide our shoppers with a discount code, this might be a small discount, a shipping benefit, a free product, its up to you, but we ask that you provide our shoppers with some incentive/reward for shopping with you.The discount code you give our shoppers should be something you can easily identify as a referral from Two Wise Ladies eg.  “TWL10”.

4. You will also be asked what, if any, referral fee you will give to Two Wise Ladies.  This can be zero, and anything up to 30%.  We understand our sellers have different margins and are all at different stages of the business lifecycle, this is why we have made this entirely discretionary and flexible. Any payment to us should be made monthly, we are working on an honesty system, be good and do good, more good will come your way.

5. When a shopper searches they will answer some basic information about who it is they are shopping for, they will be given a list of suggestions and they can request “more” information on items they like.   They will then be sent an email with your link, and their exclusive shopper code.  Then we cross our fingers and hope they shop with you! 

Feel free to drop us a line if you have any feedback or have any questions.