Congratulations – Top 8 January 2022

Each month we acknowledge our Top 8 Posts for the month, as picked by our followers by hitting that heart on Instagram.

There are so many gorgeous goods to see!

In January we congratulate:

Burbia Prints  Top quality, stylish and fun!  Burbia Prints make gorgeous gifts for a big range of budgets.   The Classic Aussie Ice-cream print is a favorite of ours!

Kris Ceramics Everything here is gorgeous.  A great gift idea would be a little trinket dish (they are so beautiful) paired with a pair of earrings!

Carys Martin Ceramics With little gold embellishments, there is something special about these goods!  Carys also offers classes, now that would make the perfect gift for someone who has everything!

Betty Blue Belle Anna’s site says “Find Something Beautiful” and you will! From beautiful affirmation cards, baby milestone cards to gorgeous art prints, you will find something very special here.

Melaleuca Grove Wearable art!!  I love a practical gift.  Melaleuca Grove offers unique jumpsuits + accessories in bold prints to help you bring a little happy to your world. Their garments are designed to be timeless, stylish + comfortable so that you will cherish them for years to come.  Not sure of sizing, easy, send a gift card!

Plant a Card Valentines day, birthdays or just because! These cards contribute green space and happiness-inducing flowers to home gardens which provide much-needed habitat for our native bees. They are also a creative way to help reduce waste and promote sustainability. Don’t Throw It, Grow It!  Having just sorted through years of gift cards and struggling with guilt at throwing them out, THIS IS GENIUS!

Helly B Designs Looking for a baby gift?  Helly B offers gorgeous handmade, knitted new born gifts.  There is something really special about receiving something handmade.

Hello Petal Cards So pretty!! Are you looking for a gift card, tag or business card that lives on!?  Read, Plant, Bloom!  100% recycled and embedded with Swan River daisy seeds – they’re more than your ordinary greeting.

Check them all out and if you see anything you like, head to our directory for your exclusive shopper code. Stay tuned for our FebruaryTop 8 next month, and if you haven’t voted yet, get over to our Instagram page and get those hearts flowing, show the love!

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